Our Philosophy

Randolph Capital Management, LLC, a registered investment advisor, has provided portfolio management services to high net worth individuals, retirement plans and trust accounts since 1988. The firm offers discretionary management of stock, bond and mutual fund portfolios.

At Randolph Capital the investment selection process starts with an analytical framework developed over thirty-five years of work experience in the financial arena. Our investment work combines fundamental research with technical analysis. Simply stated, our mission is to grow client assets in strong markets while protecting capital in down markets.

Portfolio management entails maximizing returns on investments while minimizing associated risks. We utilize established portfolio management techniques of diversification and asset allocation as the foundations on which to build individualized portfolios. Clients specify their risk tolerance level, time-horizon and long-term goals. Randolph Capital examines these parameters closely before an investment program begins.

Our analysis along with the clients’ objectives helps us place assets into one of four major categories:

Income Oriented

Emphasizes current income and the preservation of capital

Income with Growth

Emphasizes current income while striving for moderate capital appreciation

Capital Appreciation

This objective emphasizes asset growth. There is no income requirement in this category and assets are invested in growth vehicles

Maximum Appreciation

This objective contains the highest volatility level and greatest potential for price fluctuation